Is the megachurch a (or *the*) problem?

Even if the pastors are ‘shepherding’ their folk in a consciously non-CEO fashion, adopting a feudalistic mentality of pastoring, that does not distinguish it as being Christian or ‘church’.
June 23, 2015
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    The King Follet Sermon: Evaluating Joseph Smith’s Hebrew Exegesis

    On April 7, 1844, just before his death in the following month, Joseph Smith delivered a sermon commonly referred to as “The King Follet Sermon” or “The King Follet Discourse”. It is, according to the LDS Church, considered to be “one of the classics of Church literature.”1 The sermon was...
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    Joseph Smith’s Translation of Galatians

    This week I am putting the final touches on the first draft of my PhD thesis on suffering and eschatology in Galatians. I’m quite excited to be at this stage, but I know there’s still a lot of work to be done. Since my thesis is on Galatians I’m...
  • Heavenly_Wallpaper

    Who’s Who in Heaven?

    Do you ever wonder what relationships are going to be like in heaven? Will we recognize our family, friends, and significant others? How will we relate to one another, since we’ll all be part of the same family, as brothers and sisters? My coworkers and I recently speculated about...
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    Grace & Works

    Now that school is out for summer (cue Alice Cooper) I’m back home working for my church as a youth ministry intern. As we began to plan for the summer and what we should teach on I recommended books like Colossians and Philippians. You know, something short and sweet...
  • Coptic Martyrs

    The Good News of the Persecuted Church

    In this past year, as ISIS has committed targeted genocide against Christians, the Church at large has become aware of the reality and horror that is persecution. For those like myself in countries where forthright violent persecution is not a threat, it is difficult to know how exactly to respond. How,...
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    ‘The Gospel according to Mormon’ in Scottish Journal of Theology

    This month’s issue of Scottish Journal of Theology published an article by BYU professor Noel B. Reynolds entitled ‘The Gospel According to Mormon’ (SJT 68: 218–234 ). As the title suggests, Reynolds sets out to analyze the definition of the concept of ‘gospel’ as set forth in the Book...
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    An Exciting Christianity

    As one who works with youth, I often feel the pressure or need to spice up the Christian story and make it more engaging, relevant, or fun.  In much of the literature that is deemed “Youth Ministry” or in some of the examples set forth as “successful youth ministries,”...
  • Beingintheworld

    Christianity: A Way-Of-Being-In-The-World

    For the majority of my American Evangelical upbringing , I feel as though I was  told that there were two main criteria for what religious leaders around me called “being a believer”: 1) one must have the right beliefs (orthodoxy) and 2) one must live an upstanding moral life...
  • The_Deserter

    Church Security Teams Revisited: Still Unbiblical

    Nearly two years ago I wrote a blog post entitled, Church Security Teams? Verdict: Unbiblical, that seemed to be quite popular. Although, if I had my druthers it would have been popular because people agreed with it. But seeing as the article garnered a paltry two Facebook likes and...
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