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Moving past political idolatry to following Jesus
May 22, 2015
  • uploads_5d0af361-e269-4810-80e4-14e2409f5259-natalie_portman_in_black_swan-hd

    Natalie Portman, Idolatry, and Ancient Judaism

    Have you seen this recent report about Natalie Portman and her Oscar trophy? Apparently, she thinks of it as something of an idol. Here are her thoughts: “I don’t know where it is,” Portman told The Hollywood Reporter when asked about where she keeps the Best Actress Oscar she...
  • indepentdentcover

    On the Strange Death of Liberal Britain

    As you can see from the above picture, The Independent ran their post-election cover story with the headlines ‘The strange death of liberal Britain’. The former leader of the Liberal Democrats and former Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg said in his resignation speech, after the dramatic defeat of his...
  • Vision

    Expanding My Vision

    I’m realizing how narrow my vision is. I get so busy in seeing the urgent problems in front of me, that I forget to step back and see the bigger picture in what is actually happening. For example, since I work in Purchasing, and it’s currently nearing the fiscal-year...
  • Sufjan_Stevens_-_Carrie_&_Lowell

    Carrie & Lowell: A Reflection

    Sufjan Stevens’ new album, Carrie & Lowell, has been out for over a month now, but I’ve only had the chance to listen to it for the past week. I had pre-ordered it a while back and mistakenly assumed that it would automatically download to my account and so I...
  • MilibandYOLO

    The Politics of ‘YOLO’

    What is ‘politics’? My last post mentioned a number of conferences and events on the theme of political theology happening in the UK this summer. Although on paper I have two degrees in politics or political theory, I don’t really understand ‘politics’—or at least not what people refer to as...
  • Lambeth_Palce__painting_of_Mortons_Towerwith_view_across_River_Thames_to_Westminster_late_18th_century

    A British Summer of Political Theology

    Last summer, I blogged about attending ‘The Actuality of the Theologico-Political’ conference which featured a panel with Rowan Williams and Slavoj Žižek sitting next to each other. This summer of the British election year, there seems to be a fair few events related to ‘political theology’ in the UK, and...
  • PhD-480x280

    Questions about Overseas PhD

    I was asked by a friend a few questions about the process I went through coming to Aberdeen to work on a PhD in New Testament. Below are my answers. They are candid and a little cheeky. Enjoy! How did you go about narrowing down your research proposal. For...
  • White_House_fountain_dyed_green_for_Saint_Patrick's_Day_2011

    Language, Ethnicity, and Communion

    It’s St. Patrick’s Day today. It never ceases to surprise me how the USA seems to be more obsessed with its celebration than Ireland does. There is also something about St. Patrick’s day that fascinates me: That it has now apparently become a cultural affirmation of ‘Irish’ identity than a religious celebration...
  • Robert Saucy

    Remembering the Loving Legacy of Dr. Robert Saucy

    This past week we received the sad news that Dr. Robert Saucy, Distinguished Professor of Systematic Theology at Talbot School of Theology, at the age of 84, after a severe car accident,  passed from this earthly life to be in the presence of our God in heaven. When I...
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