John Anthony Dunne

John Anthony Dunne

John is currently a PhD Candidate at the University of St Andrews working under Prof. NT Wright.
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    Natalie Portman, Idolatry, and Ancient Judaism

    Have you seen this recent report about Natalie Portman and her Oscar trophy? Apparently, she thinks of it as something of an idol. Here are her thoughts: “I don’t know where it is,” Portman told The Hollywood Reporter when asked about where she keeps the Best Actress Oscar she...
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    Carrie & Lowell: A Reflection

    Sufjan Stevens’ new album, Carrie & Lowell, has been out for over a month now, but I’ve only had the chance to listen to it for the past week. I had pre-ordered it a while back and mistakenly assumed that it would automatically download to my account and so I...
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    The Resurrection and Singleness

    This past Saturday we completed our third annual online academic conference, Ecclesia and Ethics. This year our focus was on Human Sexuality. We heard several great papers from speakers like Jenell Paris, Tremper Longman III, Preston Sprinkle, Wesley Hill, Irmtraud Fischer, Mark Yarhouse, Andrew Marin, Frank Heinrich, Gabriel Dy-Liacco,...
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    Ecclesia and Ethics III: Human Sexuality

    I am very excited to announce that the third installment of Ecclesia and Ethics is just around the corner! This year our main theme will be: Human Sexuality. Registration is now officially open; the cost of admission is $10, which goes straight to charity. You can find information for...
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    My New Article in the Scottish Journal of Theology

    I’m excited that my article, “Suffering and Covenantal Hope in Galatians: A Critique of the ‘Apocalyptic Reading’ and Its Proponents,” is finally in print, appearing in the newest issue of the Scottish Journal of Theology (68.1 : 1–15). The paper was originally presented in the Paul Group at the...
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    Esther and Her Elusive God (Reviewed)

    Two weeks ago the newest issue of Themelios (39.3 : 517–519) contained a review of my Esther book by Dr. Ched Spellman. This is the fourth review that I’ve come across (see the other reviews by Brian C. LePort, Joel Watts, and Brant Clements) and the first one in...
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    Giant Faith

    As most of you already know, the San Francisco Giants are World Champions. And as most of you probably know, that fact makes me very happy. This postseason run was incredible, and I’d say this year’s victory was the sweetest of the past three (#Dynasty). The series was incredible!...
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    Foreigners On Other Planets

    Last week Deseret News put out an article on how various religious groups would respond to the discovery of life on other planets. It’s an interesting article and you should check it out here. A religious survey was conducted by Prof. David Weintraub who teaches astronomy at Vanderbilt. Among...
  • biola-biblical-illiteracy

    Biblical (il)Literacy

    Dr. Ken Berding is leading the charge to improve biblical literacy in our culture. Dr. Berding is Professor of New Testament at my alma mater, Biola University (he taught me Greek!). Dr. Berding is passionate about this subject, having written an article in the newest edition of the Biola...
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