Weekly Roundup Aug21


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Weekly Roundup

A collection of links worth checking out.

Carl Trueman says reactionary ex-evangelicals should stop projecting their individual experiences onto a universal level. (JD)

Michael Horton uncovers theological problems with Rick Perry’s and Michelle Bachmann’s respective views of government. (JD)

Philip Leclerc has made a documentary exploring the methods and effectiveness of modern youth ministry.  His conclusion is rather bold. You can watch it online for free. (TG)

Princeton law professor Robert P. George on losing marriage to sexual liberalism. (CJ)

Joel Willitts chimes in on which strand of Christianity may rightfully claim Bonhoeffer as their own. (RM)

Carl Trueman says that the British riots are “business as usual.” (RM)

British atheist Theodore Dalrymple says that the sentiment behind the riots is simply “It’s fun to smash things.” (KO)

On Laboring in Vain:  John Piper brings a fresh look as to what constitutes success in ministry. (KO)

In an important complement to Eric Clapton’s theology, Jack Bates argues for the presence of Beers in Heaven. (MW)

America’s most successful capitalist asks us to raise taxes on the “mega-rich.” (MW)