Weekly Roundup

Jason Goroncy has the post for today: a nice little poem about the Sabbath.

NT Scholar C.K. Barrett recently passed away. Cliff Kvidahl pays tribute.

Michael Horton asks, can someone be Reformed and Charismatic?

Nijay Gupta reminds us of the importance of context for exegesis with a helpful note about Bonhoeffer.

James K.A. Smith on orthodox┬ádoubt vs. “emerging” doubt.

You’ll have to jump in mid-discussion, but Peter J. Leithart defends a type of “biblicism”.

Michael Horton meditates on the (apparently?) dying Steve Jobs.

Janee Lookersee has joined up with Andrew and Glen and will provide a weekly blog about art.

David French speaks about the complexities of depravity at play in the issue of poverty.

Christianity and comics: Gene Luen Yang tells us why they go together.

Glenn Beck’s messiah complex is showing, and it’s disturbing.