Weekly Roundup Sep25


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Weekly Roundup

Kyle Strobel uses the eroticism of the Puritans to critique Mark Driscoll’s ongoing narrative about effeminate worship leaders.

Elizabeth Antus analyzes compulsive eating from a Christian theological perspective.

Matt Jenson discusses Anselm on the fitting nature of divine justice.

According to Virginia Postrel, Harvard’s new “Kindness Pledge” is deleterious to serious learning.

As a purely historical point, Denny Burk says that the Apostle Paul was a widower.

Carl Trueman says that Al Mohler’s argument for a “confessional evangelicalism” is flawed.

Larry Hurtado talks a bit about the “Structures and Pressures” of the UK PhD process. 

Musical perichoresis: Peter J. Leithart meditates on the creative insight of Jeremy Begbie’s melodious trinitarianism.

As a follow up to the Ancient Christian Commentary series, IVP is releasing The Reformation Commentary on Scripture Series.  Scot McKnight is a fan.

American Orthodox theologian David Bentley Hart on Violence and Christian History (HT: Jason Goroncy):